12 Warning Signs The Universe Sends When ​You Are On The Wrong Path In Life

I thought this article was timely given that I am excited to wrap up 2017 celebrating with my loved ones and looking forward to setting goals for next year!  In my personal goal setting sessions, I always consider the path I want to be on 1, 5, or 10 years down the road and set small to large goals that are achievable. It is easy for us to veer off path and let the pressures of life get in the way.  Don’t be too hard on yourself because no one is perfect!  The good news is with a little bit of motivation, intention and patience, you can get yourself back on track and aligned with your true self!

12 signs that signify if you need to change your life drastically.
There comes a time in each of our lives that we start questioning if we are actually on the path we were supposed to be in.

The thing is, it does happen and the universe provides us with enough subtle signs to decide if we should continue along the path or ditch it completely.  Here, we have 12 strong signs which reveal that you may need to change your life, maybe quite drastically too.

The simplest sign of a wrong life choice is the gradual decline in the pursuit of what you chose.

You may have started a new career or may have initiated a new relationship with utmost zeal and confidence but as time went by, you realize that your interest is fading away and that the satisfaction you thought you might find wasn’t coming along your way.  Eventually, you may end up rejecting your choice and may start feeling repulsed. Pay attention to your feelings and they’ll reveal when it’s time to let go and move on. 

When you are on the wrong path, your life would start signaling for a change. You would start feeling that something’s not right and that something might be missing. 

You will, unconsciously, start looking for a change.
You may feel that the environment is not right or that the work is not right, and things like that.  The uncomfortable feeling would start seeping in and you may feel it grow in you. Do not ignore it, a thirst for change needs to be quenched and you may have to do it sooner than later.


A wrong choice or your moving in the wrong direction would start showing through your stress levels.                                                                                                                                                               You may find yourself stressed out but unable to explain why.
You may feel that there’s excess burden on you but you won’t be sure why.  Things would appear normal and yet you would feel a level of discomfort. Pay heed to the factors that trigger this build up and you would find that change may be needed.

It goes without saying that with the build-up of stress and the nagging feeling of change would make you irritable. 

You may start feeling more annoyed (than usual) and even the smallest things may get on your nerves.
Your frustrations level may mount and you’ll feel obstructed at every step. It is just the universe’s way of saying that you need to change paths now.

If you have started out on the wrong path and are feeling the above signs overwhelm you, you would start looking for new opportunities without even realizing. 

You would start spotting things that would seem much better than what you are doing now and you would feel attracted towards the newer ones.  If this happens, make sure you understand the reasons behind it.

Given the overwhelming feeling of ‘something’s not right,’ your body starts reacting in the same way. 

You may start getting mild headaches which may get severe with time, you may have shoulder and back pains due to the stress involved, you may start feeling anxious at times etc.  Your body and your mind would, therefore, would reveal that you may need to start looking at things differently.

When you realize that you are not comfortable or you are not confident about your decisions etc. you would start feeling less wanted and less useful. 

You would feel, without anyone telling you, that you are not performing at your best.
This feeling may cause you to isolate yourself somewhat and you may start avoiding human interaction. Do not ignore the signs if this happens as it could lead you to a depressive pit.

Do you remember the time when you were absolutely sure of what you wanted? Do you remember the clarity you felt when you made that choice?

If you are on the wrong path, you would feel the exact opposite of that feeling.
Your thoughts would get muddled, a lot of bizarre ideas would fill your mind and the clarity would be lost.  The universe is basically trying to tell you to think carefully before you make your next move.

One of the strongest indications that the universe sends is through, what appears as, a coincidence. 

When you are on the right path, things seem to just fall into place but if you aren’t,
they just seem to get tougher by the moment. 

You may lose a deal, you may face a bizarre accident or something unusual may happen which will prevent you from pursuing the wrong path. Do pay attention to such coincidences.

Needless to say, you would always find yourself distracted. 

Obviously, since the path you chose was not meant for you and it wasn’t the most comfortable place for you to be in, you would end up welcoming the distractions as well.  If you notice that you are spending more time on distractions and less on your choice, it might be time to look at other choices.

The one fact that would definitely make you think about the path you are on is the feeling of overwhelming self-doubt. 

You would start questioning each and every life choices and you would feel miserable since the path you chose was not the one you were supposed to be on. 
If this happens and you feel that you are losing your self-belief, try looking for new opportunities, the current one may not be ideal for you.

Your gut feeling is what drives you on a path. It’s a voice that comes from within, telling you if you are meant to be on this path or not.

Trust your instincts, they are like a direct connection between your destiny and your choice.
If your gut disagrees with your choices if it repels the things you do, and if it  tells you that something is missing, do not ignore it, for it may never speak to you again.

Remember to always lead with your heart center!

Lots of love,


Earthing…Are YOU Grounded?

I recently read an article about Earthing on collective-evolution.com and found it very interesting so I wanted to share the concept with everyone.  As we live in developed societies we have become disconnected from the earth because most of us are in shoes all day, even when we are outside in the yard.  It is important for us to feel the ground beneath our bare feet and experience the amazing benefits we will receive!!!  Here is an excerpt from the article:

Grounding, or ‘earthing,’ as some people call it, involves placing your feet directly on the ground without shoes or socks as a barrier. The logic behind this practice relates to the intense negative charge carried by the Earth. This charge is electron-rich, theoretically serving as a good supply of antioxidants and free-radical destroying electrons.

Dr. James Oschman, a PhD in biology from the University of Pittsburgh and an expert in the field of energy medicine, notes:

Subjective reports that walking barefoot on the Earth enhances health and provides feelings of well-being can be found in the literature and practices of diverse cultures from around the world. For a variety of reasons, many individuals are reluctant to walk outside barefoot, unless they are on holiday at the beach. (source)

It makes sense if you think about it; in our most natural state, we wouldn’t really be wearing any sort of cover on our feet. Putting your feet on the ground enables you to absorb large amounts of negative electrons through the soles of your feet which, in turn, can help to maintain your body at the same negatively charged electrical potential as the Earth.

The Science

A study published a couple of years ago in the Journal of Environmental and Public Health titled “Earthing: Health Implications of Reconnecting the Human Body to the Earth’s Surface Electrons” postulates that earthing could represent a potential treatment/solution to a variety of chronic degenerative diseases.

It concluded that simple contact with the Earth, through being either outside barefoot or indoors connected to grounded conductive systems, could serve as a natural and “profoundly effective environmental strategy” against chronic stress, ANS dysfunction, inflammation, pain, poor sleep, disturbed HRV, hyper-coagulable blood, and many common health disorders, including cardiovascular disease. The study concludes:

The research done to date supports the concept that grounding or earthing the human body may be an essential element in the health equation along with sunshine, clean air and water, nutritious food, and physical activity. (source)

Another study, conducted by the Department of Neurosurgery from the Military Clinical Hospital in Powstancow Warszawy, along with other affiliates like the Poland Medical University, found that blood urea concentrations are lower in subjects who are earthed (connected to the earth potential with the use of copper wire) during physical exercise and that earthing during exercise resulted in improved exercise recovery.

It concluded:

These results suggest that earthing during exercise inhibits hepatic protein catabolism or increases renal urea excretion. Earthing during exercise affects protein metabolism, resulting in a positive nitrogen balance. This phenomenon has fundamental importance in understanding human metabolic processes and may have implications in training programs for athletes. (source)


I am often asked about different tools and/or techniques for meditation.  I ran across this article on one of my go-to websites (www.collective-evolution.com) and felt the need to share it with you all.  I thought this was a fun way to approach meditation and to find what works best for you!  We all have different meditation needs so the key is to find what resonates with you and go with it.  There is no right or wrong way to meditate!

I have included an excerpt below from the article on Collective-Evolution.  You can read the full post by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page.

The Challenge:

Throughout the 7 Days we will explore some different meditation techniques and practices and play with different time periods and positions. The goal is to find a technique that works well for you. I have created a discussion on the forum and I encourage everyone to share their own personal experiences each day here, you can also share tips and suggestions from your personal experience.

Day 1: Basic Breath Meditation

Sit or lie down, close your eyes and begin to focus on your breath. You may want to take some deep breaths in and out. You can try breathing in for 3 seconds; (1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi, 3 Mississippi… ) just relax and keep focusing on your breath. Try and keep your head clear, and don’t pay any attention to the thoughts that come into your head. Just let them float by. If you find yourself getting caught up with a specific thought just go back to focusing on your breath and don’t get angry or upset. Sometimes it can be quite comical to see just how easily we can become completely involved in a thought that really serves no purpose. Do this for about 15 minutes, or longer if you wish.

Day 2: Guided Meditation Practice

There are many different types of guided meditations available for you to try for free. Some of them have different purposes and serve different things. I have provided one here for you to try. I thought the woman’s voice sounded nice, calming and relaxing and the length of the video wasn’t too long.  If you would like to find another one based on your own preferences please feel free to do so. Guided practice meditations can be beneficial because you have someone walking you through the entire process so its easier to keep your mind distracted from thinking.

Day 3: Focused Intention

This type of meditation can be very powerful in assisting you to receive clarity on something that you are unsure of, and what to do about it. As you go into your meditation keep the intention in the back of your mind and even ask a question to yourself about whatever it is that you are having trouble finding clarity with. You can use the same principles as day one to get into this space. Don’t get attached to hearing a voice tell you the answer, or seeing a vision or anything like that. Sometimes it may come through as a knowing or a feeling. The answer may not even come to you right away, it may become clear in a few days from now.

Day 4: Binaural Beats

As of right now, this is my personal favorite type of meditation! I’m not exactly sure why, but I find its because it makes me feel really relaxed and peaceful, and the binaural beats just sound like really nice chill music. So it’s just like lying there and getting lost in the music. Read more about binaural beats hereYou can also try this interesting meditation where it is said that you get one hour of meditation in only 12 minutes.

Day 5: Chakra Balancing

Chakra balancing meditations can be great for re-aligning your chakras and providing more balance in your physical and energetic body. These meditations can help to remove blockages and bring up things that need to be addressed. Again there are many different variations that can be found online, I will provide a link but feel free to find your own. If you are well versed in the chakras and there purpose you can even do your own meditation in relation to them.

Day 6: OM Meditation

Om meditations are fun! When you say “om” (ohhhmmm) it creates a vibration that you can feel throughout your body and it helps to clear your head and put you into a relaxed state. Try sitting cross legged and begin to chant “om” hold the om for about 5 seconds and fully finish it before breathing in. Continue to chant until you feel relaxed and your mind is clear. Then just hold here and continue breathing for as long as you like. I find these meditations are great to do in a group, if you have a few people and you are all sitting in a circle and chanting “om” at the same time it creates amazing energy! It feels like you are put in a peaceful state of mind instantly.

Day 7: Your Choice

Yay! Congratulations! Today is the final, day hopefully you’ve made it this far on the meditation challenge! For this day you can pick whichever style of meditation that you liked the best and give it a go for as long as you wish!

I hope that through this challenge you learned about some of the various styles of meditation and found one or a few that suit you and your lifestyle that resonated with you! Did you achieve some clarity and peace in your life and has your stress level gone down? Please share your experience in the comments section below or on the forumI hope this is something that becomes a regular part of your life!


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2017 Goal: Live Life on Purpose

Happy New Year! I thought this post was very timely given recent discussions with friends, family and clients.  We are all searching on some level for our purpose which, in turn, adds meaning to our life.  Purpose helps us stay focused, makes us more resilient and even increases life expectancy. From Okinawa to Costa Rica, studies show that having a clear sense of what motivates you is linked to a healthier and longer life.

A handful of us know our purpose from early on.  But for most, purpose changes with life or we have yet to uncover our true purpose.  Discovering- or rediscovering- your passions is a way back to your purpose.  It can be as simple as asking “What do I love?” and “How can I do it every day?”

Whether it’s taking a big leap to follow your dreams or a few minutes for the things that make you feel alive, staying in touch with your purpose today means more to enjoy in the years ahead.

Find your purpose so you can nourish your mind, body and spirit!